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Tribal Dance Instructor Sarah Matson

Sarah Matson has been teaching & training for 7 years and has been a student of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance for 9 years. She has co-lead Tribal Rising Dance in Oregon, for the past 5 years and has dancing in Oregon, California, Washington and New Mexico. Sarah loves to bring an eclectic mix of music to her World Fusion classes and encourages all fitness levels and all people to give World Fusion Belly Dance a try. Her love and joy radiate in all she does and is a student of Tribal Fusion.
Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is taught by members of the local dance troupe, Tribal Rising Dance, led by Sarah Matson. Tribal Fusion is a modern form of belly dance, blending both American Tribal Style and American Cabaret belly dance movements. This style of dance can work for all fitness levels and is fun if you are brand new to dance, or if you have many years of experience. This body-positive class is a great way to move your body joyfully while dancing to an eclectic mix of music. This class provides females of all ages with tools to be beautifully self-empowered and confident through dance and other forms of creativity. Come dance with us!
Belly Love Full Moon Events: 3rd Monday of the following months – January 20th, February 17th, March 16th, and April 20th. Join us for an evening of dance, guided meditation, and healthy refreshments. Bring a friend for a fun and empowering night out.
Tribal Dance Practice: Thursday 4pm-5pm $5 Donation
Tribal Dance Class: Monday 7:15pm-8:15 pm $14
Belly Love Full Moon Event: 7:15pm-8:45pm $15


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