Mountain Flow Yoga

Mountain Flow begins with a juicy warm-up that invites us to feel deeply connected and prepares us for a strong vinyasa flow that promises to challenge your balance, strength, and mental boundaries in a safe environment. Once we have reached our peak we enjoy the gentle decline bringing our mind and body back into deep synchronicity. Practice led by Rhianna Feeney

Grace & Grit Yoga

A yoga class with a slower pace and more space for you to create avenues that offer deeper connections within your body, heart, and mind through intention. We will focus on alignment, breath, and the power of your thoughts. This class will inspire and empower you to be your best you within a supportive community. This class is for all levels. Mellow Music and a warm 80 degrees. Practice led by Wendy Humphreys

Yoga Strong                                                                                          

A 75 min. powerful vinyasa flow taught in a 85 degree heated studio. This is the class that will inspire you to strengthen your body as well as your soul using breath and core strength to carry you from one pose to the next, infused with music and thought. Wendy will encourage and support you throughout class. Be prepared to sweat, bring water, and a hand towel with your mat. For all levels. Practice led by Wendy Humphreys or Jennifer Borgen Price

Imagination Yoga For Kids

Imagine a class that allows kids to explore their natural ability to move and stretch in a way that places the focus on what you feel in a yoga pose.  Kids can use their imagination when sounding or moving like the animal the pose looks like such as meows during cat pose or flapping their wings in butterfly.  Breathing exercises are taught to help kids cope with the pressures of school and cultivate the ability to be calm when stress arises. Through mindful movement and yoga related games kids will create a healthy relationship with their body that increases confidence, encourages an open heart and a positive attitude.  We want you to share this experience with your child ages 5-10; cost for parent and child is $10 and each additional child is $5.00.  This class will be offered twice a month.  Practice led by Charlotte Ridinger or Donna Kanan. Check MindBody for instructor.

Gentle Flow

Work on balance and flexibility in this slower paced flow class.  The class focuses on alignment along with learning how modify poses/postures to fit your level of practice.  Come ready to move, tune into your body, and listen to some feel good music! Practice led by Kat Johnson


Barre Above

Barre Above is for the student looking for a fitness class that incorporates a combination of postures inspired by elements of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Barre exercises rely mainly upon your bodyweight for resistance and moves that will challenge your core stability and balance. You will be spending some time on your mat as well as using the barre as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. “No tutus or previous barre experience required!” Experience fun music and words of encouragement and support. Props are provided. Please bring a mat or you can rent one from the studio. Practice led by Wendy Humphreys 

Therapeutic Yoga

This class is open to Pre & Postnatal Yoga, Mama/Baby Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, and those needing a slower and more intentional practice. It is the only yoga class offered in the Willamette Valley for all abilities and encompassing all ages. We are most excited to have mamas and their babies practicing together with our senior yogis! So many studies have been done revealing the benefits on the aging brain that babies and young children have and we welcome this time to be open to that; for us not only to come together for yoga, but to rebuild the Village we should have together. Practice led by Chama Bovee


Active Flow Yoga

This class is energizing with a flowing Vinyasa style that incorporates physical awareness through modifications and cues for a safe and effective practice. Moving from pose to pose with breath taking time to ease into each pose building strength, flexibility, and balance within the body and you will gain peace of mind through meditation. Let go of expectations and allow yourself an hour to feel challenged, accepted, and free. Practice led by Donna Kanan

Candlelight Hatha                                                                                                          

Settle your energy and set your intentions for the upcoming week. Candlelight Hatha is designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. This class is made up of restorative poses and deep stretching to help you release any built-up stress or tension in the body. And of course, we will be practicing in candlelight! Practice led by Pacific Yew Yoga Instructors

Friday Night Flow                                                                                                                               

This is a once a month class. Check scheduling through the MINDBODY APP or see the schedule at the studio.  Whether you are new to yoga or have a long standing practice, there is something for you.  Move, dance, and flow to a fun upbeat playlist. Practice led by Kat Johnson

High Noon Yoga

High Noon is for the lunchtime, break time, get in and get out 45 minute yoga class. You will build strength, increase flexibility, and balance. Slip off your shoes and feel the ground beneath your feet, experience more expansion in your body and in your mind. Wear comfortable clothing, yoga pants not required but private changing rooms are available. Practice led by Wendy Humphreys


The Girls Yoga 

Are you the girl looking for a yoga practice that supports you in your body? Learn tools to use yoga to get the most out of your life both on and off the mat. Strengthen your core, expand your flexibility, and stretch into a deeper knowledge of who you are in a body-affirming environment. We will offer modifications and adjustments to create a yoga practice for you. We encourage all body types to join us. Practice led by Wendy Humphreys

Peoples Class Yoga – $5 Drop In                                                                              

This class will be taught by a Pacific Yew Yoga Team Instructor with the intent of giving you an opportunity to experience a variation of classes that we offer at the studio at an affordable cost.  We will create a class for you to strengthen your body inspire your mind and grow your soul. The class will be taught for all people. If you don’t have a mat you can use one of ours for $2. Practice led by Pacific Yew Yoga Instructors

Yin Yoga

Come shed the day away and ease into the evening with a restorative style yoga practice.
Yin yoga incorporates breath work, floor supported poses (asanas), and meditation to soothe the spirit and calm the body. Poses are normally held from 3-5 minutes targeting the bodies connective tissues and meridian pathways. Unclog, clear out, and open your energies flow. Rejuvenating for a sound heart, mind and body. The perfect preparation for sliding into a great nights sleep. Namaste 🙏🏼
Practice led by Barry Glassman


PiYo is a hybrid athletic workout inspired by moves from both Pilates and Yoga. You will get your heart rate going while also incorporating the principles of stretch, strength training (using body weight), conditioning, and dynamic movement. You will be constantly moving to upbeat music and will leave class feeling stronger, more flexible, and more balanced. Practice led by Jessica Parker

Sunday Morning Yoga

Sunday Morning Yoga will tone, strengthen and rinse your body, clear your mind and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. The dynamic mix of sweat and spirit that is cultivated in this class will unlock your hidden potential for achieving authentic personal power and living an extraordinary life.
Students of all levels of experience are welcome, and options are given to both modify and intensify poses. Practice led by Kat Johnson

Meditation: New Moon Women’s Circle

Magic happens when women gather in circles to share what’s really going on inside their hearts. As part of The Global Sisterhood movement, every new moon, thousands of women in 80+ countries gather in Sister Circles to heal themselves, uplift others, and transform the world. Join our local chapter of The Global Sisterhood at Pacific Yew Yoga for our Sister Circle and Meditation. Each new moon has a theme for transformation, sisterhood, and healing. We also take this time to plant seeds of intention for the current moon cycle.

What to Expect: the gathering events include a open heart meditation followed by singing bowls, intention setting for our goals or manifestations, and sharing time. Or whatever we feel called to do! We may sing, we may dance, we’ll most likely laugh a lot and even cry a little. You never know when you get a group of Wild Women together. The energy will be electric and we would LOVE for you to be there. Whether you’ve attended a women’s circle before, or this is your first time, we welcome you to join. No previous meditation or women’s circle experience is needed. Come exactly as you are.

​​Please dress comfortably as we will be sitting on the floor.
Feel free to bring something to add to our altar, that we will be building together. (this could be a flower, crystal, feather, candle or anything from your cultural traditions)
This is a FREE event. LOVE DONATIONS will be accepted to honor our sacred space, (this helps to pay for the studio, and other things purchased for the circle) No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

For up to date information and conversation Join our Facebook group “Women of YEW”
Meditation led by Valeria Pearson