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Vinyasa Flow Yoga 75*
A yoga class that connects breath to movement at a pace that allows more space for you to create avenues that offer deeper connections within your body, heart, and mind with intention and grace. We will focus on alignment, the energy of your body, the magic of your breath, and the power of your thoughts. This class will inspire and empower you to be your best you within a supportive community. This class is suitable for all people. Mellow music and a warm 75 degrees.
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Power Flow Yoga 85*        
A powerful vinyasa flow taught in a 85 degree heated studio. This is the class that will inspire you to strengthen your body as well as your soul using breath and core strength to carry you from one pose to the next, infused with music and thought. We will encourage and support you throughout class to take care of yourself and find your edge.  Be prepared to sweat, bring water, and a hand towel with your mat. Suitable for all people wanting to get their heart rate up and their bodies heated up.

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Gentle Flow Yoga
A class designed to work on balance and flexibility in this slower paced yoga flow. Be prepared for deep stretching to help you release any built-up stress or tension in the body. We will guide you through a class that focuses on alignment that serves your body, along with learning how to modify poses/postures to meet your bodies needs for your practice. Come ready to tune into your mind, heart, and body and move organically with gentle supportive music to inspire you to be open and let go and invite in new space.
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Gentle Yoga
Breath-based movement with an emphasis on strength, range of movement, and sustainability of action over time. You’ll experience some of the deeper aspects of yoga, like breathing practices, guided relaxation exercises, and gentle mobility movements, all aimed at bringing you closer to your authentic self both in mind and body. Suitable for all bodies.
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Peoples Class – $5 Drop In
Saturday 10:15am 60 min
This class will be taught by a Pacific Yew Yoga Team Instructor with the intent of giving you an opportunity to experience a variation of classes that we offer at the studio at an affordable cost. We will create a class for you to strengthen your body inspire your mind and grow your soul. The class will be taught for all people. If you don’t have a mat you can use one of ours, a small donation appreciated.

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