Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Yin Training is coming to Pacific Yew Yoga in November! This training will be taught by Suzanne Zupancic, E-RYT500; YACEP, certified YIN Yoga Instructor and Wendy Humphreys, RYT200; Baptiste 200hr Yoga Trained, and currently working on her 500 hr RYT. 10 CEU’s will be awarded upon completion of the Yin Training Module to all certified yoga instructors.

This training is for all yoga instructors looking to incorporate YIN into their teaching. Suzanne is also opening this training up to students who want to deepen their yoga practice. Yin Yoga is not new and is actually one of the oldest practices of yoga. Both teachers and students will work together learning this ancient art of yoga.

Date: Saturday & Sunday November 10th & 11th 12pm-5pm each day. Only 25 spaces available so sign up today and reserve your spot!

Cost: $148/student

DAY ONE – 5 hours:
1 hour – Yin Asana Class
15 min break
30 min – Welcome and Introductions
1 hour – History, Philosophy, and Principles
30 min – Anatomy
1½ hours – Asana Clinic
DAY TWO – 5 hours:
1 hour – Yin Asana Class
30 min – Energetics & Meridian Theory
1 hours – Asana Clinic
15 min break
1 hours – Asana Clinic
1 hour – Sequencing, Modifications & Props, Q & A
To be covered:
History & Philosophy – Taoist roots, Founders of contemporary Yin Yoga, Benefits of Yin Yoga, Yin vs Yang, Intention & Attention
Anatomy –  stretching vs. stressing, compression & tension, rebound & counter-stretching, Joints/Fascia/Connective Tissue, what you are feeling vs how you are feeling, The Edge: pain vs intensity
Asana Breakdown – pose by pose, names of poses, setting up the pose, cueing the pose, primary focus & benefits of the pose
Modifications & use of props – pregnancy, back issues, etc
Energetics & the Meridian Theory – Prana/Chi, The 5 Elements, 5 Major, Organ Meridian Pairs, Chakra Energy Centers, Emotional Energy Centers, Marma Points
Sequencing – designing your practice: timing, music, props, intention
*Additional 5 hour Training$68
*I have slotted time the following weekend to complete this additional training. We can determine time and day at the Yin training for those that are interested!
.Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques, Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Weaving in Yoga Philosophy & stories – scripture, sutras, bhagavadgita, Upanishads, life lessons, quotes, etc
Pranayama, Mudra & Bandha Techniques
Chakra Meditations & Mudras
Ayurvedic Marma Points
Essential Oils – emotional & physical effects, Chakras, Doshas
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