Kids Yoga Instructors: Charlotte Ridinger, Kelsey Elliott, and Donna Kanan

Kids Yoga

Schools out kids! Have a fun summer and we will see you back at the studio in the Fall!

Imagine a class that allows kids to explore their natural ability to move and stretch in a way that places the focus on what you feel in a yoga pose. Kids can use their imagination when sounding or moving like the animal the pose looks like such as meows during cat pose or flapping their wings in butterfly. Breathing exercises are taught to help kids cope with the pressures of school and cultivate the ability to be calm when stress arises. Through mindful movement and yoga related games kids will create a healthy relationship with their body that increases confidence, encourages an open heart and a positive attitude. We want you to share this experience with your child ages 5-10; cost for parent and child is $10 and each additional child is $5.00.

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