KIDS COVE Child Care at Pacific Yew Yoga!
Pacific Yew Yoga is providing child care for clients during their practice. A child care waiver must be filled out at the studio. Please come at least 15 min. early to complete before class starts. It is highly recommended to sign up online through the MINDBODY app to register. Please reserve under your name and not your child’s name. Limit 6 children/session. $3/child cash or check to be paid to our provider Marcia at the studio. Pacific Yew Yoga does not accept payment for child care.
Marcia Gastafson
My family loves Albany and all it has to offer. We’re very grateful for this opportunity to connect with more families through our favorite practice – Yoga! I grew up in Coos Bay and graduated from OSU in 2003 in Nutrition. From there I became a certified fitness instructor and then a mother of two. I’ve gained experience providing child care through various volunteer opportunities throughout motherhood and am very much looking forward to hanging out with little ones while other parents take care of their mind/body/soul. I currently co-own Vintage Window Restoration with my husband, Chris. We have one dog and love the natural living lifestyle! Namaste’
Marcia will be at Kids Cove on Tuesday 9:15-10:15am, Friday 10:30-11:30am


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