IMG_4154Wendy Humphreys
Hi, I am Wendy and I love teaching yoga to the people of the Willamette Valley. Opening my own studio has been a dream of mine and I’m so grateful to share it with all who want to make yoga a part of their lives. I love practicing yoga because it makes my life better and I know it will make your life better as well. Yoga will make you stronger, more emotionally balanced, create a deeper clarity, and build stronger connections in your life.
I have always been a very active, energetic, outdoorsy person with a desire and a need for physical fitness: running, hiking, biking, skiing, always experiencing benefits not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Then I began facing some health issues that constrained me from my physical activities. This initiated me to look elsewhere to find something that would give me these benefits and heal my body and mind. My search for these answers pointed to yoga. So, I dragged my sore achy body to a yoga class and there, my yoga journey began. Implementing the elements of yoga in my life I became stronger and my soul filled with hope. It took a lot of work and I wanted all the healing to happen overnight but every yoga practice I grew and grew.
I received my yoga 200 hr. training at CorePower Yoga and a CorePower level 2, and a 200 hr. Baptiste training have given me the tools and inspiration to give my students a powerful yoga practice with benefits that improve every aspect of their life. I am super excited to be currently working on my 500 hr training.
I teach a class for all people who want to grow and learn to live their truth and be the best version of themselves as they can possibly be. I am eager to go on this adventure with you.
When I am off my mat you will find me spending time with my husband, my kids, and my dogs, preferably outside in the mountains, on a lake, or on a beach somewhere. I love Oregon and I enjoy all that it has to offer.

Chama Bovee

200 YTT and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Training Bodywork has been a curiosity of mine since I was young as well as a love for caring for others. The practice of yoga; both personal and teaching came naturally to me and has brought me full circle from college in my desire to help bring health and healing through physical, metal, and emotional work. Our bodies need physical exertion for so many reasons and yoga is the only physically demanding sport that I have found that centers the person as well – demanding attention from our whole being.

I teach Therapeutic Yoga, Pre and Postnatal, Gentle, and Strength and Restore. I focus heavily on helping the body relearn muscle memory that it has lost, gain endurance, strength, and stamina, as well as core/pelvic floor and low back strength. I teach Yoga in a way so that it is to be modified to fit each individual that I work with.

I have a strong desire for each person to understand their own body and how it should move and carry them throughout their day and allow for times of questions in class to encourage just that. Everyone deserves a chance to apply yoga to their lives by cultivating their own practice and learning and discovering the joy which it brings. I teach in the beautiful city in which I was raised – Corvallis, Oregon (and in Albany too!)

IMG_4120 (1)Cait Gill

Yoga Training: 200 Hour Yoga Alliance 2016. Caitlyn “Cait” Gill’s passion for the body and its capacity for movement began during her childhood and developed during her 14 years of training as a ballet and modern dancer.

As an adult, working as a software consultant and training as a marathoner she found that practicing yoga allowed her balance the intensity of a corporate lifestyle, cross train her body for distance running and help calm her busy mind.

With over 10 years of yoga experience as a practitioner, Cait completed her 200H Teacher Training in the spring of 2016. Her teaching style focuses on alignment and breath, and extends from her personal practice in Ashtanga Yoga.

IMG_4155Donna Kanan

Donna Kanan, owner of Coaching You Well, has been on her yoga journey since 2002. In teaching yoga Donna provides a welcoming environment that allows you to find her inner calm, while actively moving the body, building strength and stretching, in order prevent injury and live an active, full life.                                                                                 

With her 17 years’ experience in the fitness industry Donna has the skills to provide wellness coaching as a certified health and wellness coach with training through Well Coaches, Exercise Physiologist, certified through American College of Sports Medicine, and registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance since 2009 with 200 hours of training through YogaFit.                                                                                                                           

Donna believes that our well-being is at the heart of our success and happiness and enjoys working with clients to help them achieve positive behavior change in order to live to be their best self. We all deserve to live our wellness vision and her goal is to give others the tools to live theirs.


IMG_4143Rhianna Feeney

Yoga became a consistent practice in my life in 2010. Here I began to discover self-kindness, love, and acceptance. The repetitive and humbling practice of connecting inward lead me to find a more transparent me and became a way of replacing self destructive habits. Subsequently yoga gave me the confidence and ability to reach outward and to connect with those around me in a meaningful way. Self-kindness and connection is a common theme that I weave throughout my teaching.

My classes aim to uncover both our mental and physical boundaries. This can be hard, we will feel resistance, but my experience is that it’s the discipline of showing up to our mats consistently that transforms us.

I bring a lightness and sense of humor to the class while encouraging proper alignment through subtle body cues and hands-on assists. I invite those who join me in practice to consider leaving their inner critic aside and enter into a judgment free zone where we explore in curiosity and celebrate our growth.

I have a degree in Studio Art & Photography from Lewis & Clark College and received my 200-hr RYS training at The Bhaktishop in Portland, Oregon in 2016. I am excited to be part of Pacific Yew Yoga. In addition, I currently teach at YES House, a teen inpatient rehabilitation center, teaching yoga, art therapy, and meditation. When I’m not teaching yoga you can find me hiking with my pup, Magoo, or taking photos.

IMG_3316Kat Johnson

I thrive in water, sunshine, and through yoga.  Without these three things I would not be who I am today. Yoga has helped me reconnect with my true self.  It has allowed me to breathe in possibility, positivity, and self-love. My Yoga practice has helped me become my best self. Sometimes I need a soft gentle grounded practice.  Other times I need a fiery, edge defying, soaring practice. The best part yoga is it gives you whatever is needed in each moment.

I am a 200 HR RYT trained in Baptiste Yoga Methodology.  I have attended many Baptiste Workshops such as Advanced Art of Assisting, and Being of Power.  I am also a 50 HR Certified Aireal Yoga Instructor.  I hope to bring Aireal Yoga to Pacific Yew sometime in the near future.

I recently moved to Albany from Redmond Oregon, and I am super excited to bring new possibility and empowerment to my new yoga community.  I love helping people feel empowered and inspired through my teaching and hands on assists.  It is amazing how a simple touch can transform, deepen, restore, strengthen, and leave a person in their own greatness.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and passions with others around me. You can find me teaching Water Aerobics, Swim lessons at the Albany YMCA, as well as in many different Yoga classes.

May the Light in me see and and acknowledge everything that is bright, shining, shining and beautiful in you.


Suzanne Zupancic
Suzanne embarked on her journey to yoga in 2008 in search of her “off switch”. After 25 years in retail management all she knew how to do was be “on”. Yoga had a profound effect on her life both physically and emotionally. She felt compelled to harness this new vitality, this sense of wellness, and share the power with others. In 2017 she took a leap of faith and opened Unwind Yoga in the heart of downtown Phoenix Arizona on Historic Grand Avenue.

She trained with Yogacharya Eric Walrabenstein at Yoga Pura (Phoenix) and is currently an E-RYT500 and YACEP with Yoga Alliance. Suzanne is also a Certified Yin Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Reiki Master, Certified Essential Oil Specialist, as well as a Certified Katherine Roberts’ Yoga For Golfers Instructor and FXP Hula Hoop Fitness Trainer. As a YACEP, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, she teaches, trains, and provides continuing education credits for other yoga teachers. Her classes focus on alignment with a profound (or not so profound) intention, a little humor, and a lot of realism.

As the author of YES: Your Empowered Self ® workshops & training modules, she incorporates the sister science of Ayurveda and the power of Améo essential oils into her practice for an overall sense of well-being. She is also a published author; contributing to 365 Life Shifts & 365 Moments of Grace (

Suzanne offers support & loyalty in the hopes that others may come to realize their own strength.

Charlotte Ridinger
My Name is Charlotte Ridinger, I am a yoga teacher certified RYT 200. I have always had an awareness to holistic wellness and healing. My body benefits from movement and breath through yoga. Having a lot of pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia, yoga has helped me stay focused and true to myself over the years. With yoga my mind and body feel much better.
I started doing yoga in the 80’s when I was pregnant with my first born. I loved triangle and side angle pose at that time. After falling in love with Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board yoga 7 years ago, I knew then I wanted to take my teaching on the mat and on the water! I want to bring SUP yoga to our community and yoga to our children’s children.
I am grateful for everyone who has been with me on this journey and I’m looking forward in bringing kids yoga and SUP yoga to Pacific Yew Yoga!


26734395_1758551114188578_8964886802158972670_n (1)

Jessica Parker  

Jessica Parker is a holistic health coach with a masters in Health Psychology. She’s been teaching PiYo for almost 4 years. She loves that you can get an amazing workout while not beating your body up. Having had a lower back injury that took about a year to recover from, PiYo became an amazing way to build core & support her back; it was key to her recovery.



Sherry Doggett

I’m Sherry and welcome to Barre Above at Pacific Yew Yoga!  I enjoy sharing the energy, grace, and mind-body strength that come from regular barre practice.  I am a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast, born from my initial trunk of running and branching into over a decade of group exercise instruction through the American Council on Exercise before taking a hiatus to focus on my family.  I love the efficiency and balance of barre workouts, combining elements of yoga, pilates, and ballet to give you a challenging mind-body practice that can be adapted to any level. I have been practicing barre for the past 4 years and am now a Barre Above instructor.  When I am away from the studio you’ll find me cheering on my kids, reading, writing, enjoying music and dance, studying toward my master’s degree in marriage and family counseling, exploring new and lovely places, and working on various creative endeavors.


Coner Hegewald

I first started practicing yoga 10 years ago as a fun way to cross train for other athletics, but since then it has become an integral part of my life and a passion that I try to share with everyone I meet. As a medical student I am fascinated by the intricacies and mysteries of the body, which prompted me to further pursue my own yoga practice and get my 200 hour teacher certification last summer. Since then it has been my goal to not only promote health and wellness in the hospital as a doctor, but also outside as a yogi. Personally, yoga has helped me identify what truly holds meaning for me, maintain my focus during long days of studying, and deal with the stress that accompanies not only school but everyday life. As a yoga teacher and medical professional my hope is to empower you to take on life’s challenges with courage, grace and an open heart.


Sarah Matson 

Sarah Matson has been teaching a training for 5 years and a student of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance for 8 years. She has co-lead Tribal Rising Dance in Oregon, for the past 5 years and has dancing in Oregon, California, Washington and New Mexico. Sarah loves to bring an eclectic mix of music to her World Fusion classes and encourages all fitness levels and all people to give World Fusion Belly Dance a try. Her love and joy radiate in all she does.and is a student of Tribal Fusion*

Ariana Van Beurden

Ariana found yoga as a way to balance her body, spirit, and mind. The time spend on her mat offered her the space to open her heart, to cultivate self-compassion, and to create balance in her life. After 10+ years of practicing, she feels honored to guide others in their own yoga journey and received her yoga teacher training certificate at Live Well Studio. She has primarily practiced Vinyasa Flow and Hatha styles of yoga. Her teaching style is a mixture of focusing on strong movement with proper alignment as well as finding a sense of calm and relaxation. Her goal is to facilitate a class where each individual can come play to find a greater connection between body and mind. When not practicing yoga, you can find her traveling, surfing, swimming, or paddle boarding.

Jennifer Price

As a busy wife & mom, running a couple of businesses, PiYo is part of her stress management and self-care so she can take care of those she loves.Jennifer has been practicing yoga since 2006 and teaching since 2008. She has studied in Maduri, India at the Sivananda Ashram and several studios in Korea, England, San Diego, and Portland. She began her studies in Hatha and later discovered a passion for Vinyasa Flow style of yoga, which she models her classes after. When Jennifer is not teaching or practicing yoga, she is educating the foreigners at Oregon State University in the English Language. Jennifer also enjoys surfing, hiking, and traveling to new places. “I teach a challenging class designed to create a strong body, an open heart and a quiet mind to awaken a new perspective of the world and to remind my students to wake up and live!”

Liz Hoffman

I came to yoga at a young age and I’ve been hooked since. Ten years later, my teaching style continues grow with me. I was taught a traditional Hatha Vinyasa style of yoga with an emphasis on the philosophy. I am currently a massage therapist. This has greatly influenced my teaching as well, making me more effective and specific. My yoga style tends towards alignment emphasis, slow deliberate action, breathing exercises and cultivating relaxation throughout all movement. I use props and modifications. I believe yoga is not making a body fit a pose, yoga is about finding a pose that fits the body.