Wendy Humphreys

Hi, I am Wendy and I love teaching yoga to the people of the Willamette Valley. Opening my own studio has been a dream of mine and I’m so grateful to share it with all who want to make yoga a part of their lives. I love practicing yoga because it makes my life better and I know it will make your life better as well. Yoga will make you stronger, more emotionally balanced, create a deeper clarity, and build stronger connections in your life.
I have always been a very active, energetic, outdoorsy person with a desire and a need for physical fitness: running, hiking, biking, skiing, always experiencing benefits not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Then I began facing some health issues that constrained me from my physical activities. This initiated me to look elsewhere to find something that would give me these benefits and heal my body and mind. My search for these answers pointed to yoga. So, I dragged my sore achy body to a yoga class and there, my yoga journey began. Implementing the elements of yoga in my life I became stronger and my soul filled with hope. It took a lot of work and I wanted all the healing to happen overnight but every yoga practice I grew and grew.
I completed my 200-RYT at CorePower Yoga, CorePower Level 2, and 200-RYT Baptiste Institute, which has given me the tools and inspiration to give my students a powerful yoga practice with benefits that improve every aspect of their life. I am registered with Yoga Alliance and a I am currently E-RYT, YACEP certified. I am super excited to be currently working on my 500-RYT.
I teach a class for all people who want to grow and learn to live their truth and be the best version of themselves as they can possibly be. I am eager to go on this adventure with you.
When I am off my mat you will find me spending time with my husband, my kids, and my dogs, preferably outside in the mountains, on a lake, or on a beach somewhere. I love Oregon and I enjoy all that it has to offer.

Jessica Parker  

Jessica Parker is a holistic health coach with a masters in Health Psychology. She’s been teaching PiYo for almost 5 years. She loves that you can get an amazing workout while not beating your body up. Having had a lower back injury that took about a year to recover from, PiYo became an amazing way to build core & support her back; it was key to her recovery. As a busy wife & mom, running a couple of businesses, PiYo is part of her stress management and self-care so she can take care of those she loves.

Kelsey Elliott

I have always been a seeker of light, love and growth. Yoga was brought into my life in 2007 and it continues to be the foundation of my existence. After completing a Reiki Master training in 2012, I was compelled to help others feel better with a holistic- preventative approach to their health.
Starting with our youth, I took a children’s yoga teacher training in 2017 through Yoga Playgrounds out of Portland, Oregon. A year later completed a 200 hour training with Swastha Yoga International in Rapid City, South Dakota and a 200 hour training with Wild Thing Yoga Bend, Oregon.
Becoming more mindful of my peers, space, and body I ditched the “convenient” lifestyle and started shaping myself into the person I was meant to be. I love to share essential oils and aryvedic habits on and off the mat. When I’m not practicing yoga, I’m touching base with mother nature, chilling with my pup, making smoothies and sewing.
With roots in dance, my style is very free flowing and open to how your body moves you. Creating a space to connect with your body and let your mind go.
Movement is medicine and the more you flow, the more you grow.

Jennifer Price

Jennifer has been practicing yoga since 2006 and teaching since 2008. She has studied in Maduri, India at the Sivananda Ashram and several studios in Korea, England, San Diego, and Portland. She began her studies in Hatha and later discovered a passion for Vinyasa Flow style of yoga, which she models her classes after. When Jennifer is not teaching or practicing yoga, she is educating the foreigners at Oregon State University in the English Language. Jennifer also enjoys surfing, hiking, and traveling to new places. “I teach a challenging class designed to create a strong body, an open heart and a quiet mind to awaken a new perspective of the world and to remind my students to wake up and live!”


Elizabeth Hoffman

Elizabeth Hoffmann has been practicing yoga on and off for the last ten years. She began her journey in a small class with hardwood floors, traditional Hatha yoga, and a teacher she will never forget. Years later, she received her 200 hour teacher training at Nirvana School of Classical Hatha Yoga in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2013. Since then she has gone on to become an Oregon licensed massage therapist and vaginal steam facilitator. Now, Elizabeth is a Yoga Alliance certified continuing education provider for other yoga instructors (YACEP) and is an E-RYT which means she has taught over 1,000 hours of yoga. Additionally, Elizabeth is also a Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, having completed her 60 hour education at Passion Yoga School & Bodywise Institute. Elizabeth’s yoga classes are influenced by the eight branches of yoga and alignment based concepts. Her goal is empowering the inner teacher in every student. She always offers modifications, props, and alternatives for every body; she constantly strives to make yoga accessible for every person who comes to class because she firmly believes yoga is for every person, regardless of their size, age, weight, abilities, gender, or experiences.

Marilyn Polo

Marilyn Śambhavi Polo has been practicing yoga, mediation, and Ayurveda for 20 years. She is a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher, having completed her in-depth training at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island, Bahamas, in 2002. Marilyn continued her intensive studies in yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, karma yoga (selfless service), yogic lifestyle, and Vedanta philosophy while living at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in Woodbourne, NY, for over 18 months. She has lived and served at various Sivananda ashrams worldwide since that time, including assisting in yoga teacher trainings in Neyyar Dam, India.

Marilyn has also studied Ayurveda in the Wise Earth Tradition®, understanding Ayurveda as a way of life that sustains health, rather than a prescriptive approach that treats diseases. She is a direct disciple of Maya Tiwari (Swamini Mayatitananda) and spent much time learning directly from Maya the sadhana of Ayurveda. Marilyn is certified by the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda to teach the sadhanas of food, breath, and sound, as well as Vedic meditation, and women’s health care.

Marilyn has been studying about and practicing meditation since 1997. As an undergraduate, she completed a thesis at Barnard College, Columbia University studying the impacts of Mindfulness Meditation on health, under the guidance of Tara Well (a.k.a. Barbara Woike). Under Maya Tiwari, Marilyn studied Vedic meditation at intensive retreats at the Wise Earth School. Most recently, she completed an intensive meditation course at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island, Bahamas, in July 2018.

Throughout her spiritual life, Marilyn has had the privilege and fortune to have trained under and alongside advanced yogis, many of whom were direct disciples to highly evolved souls. As an instructor, Marilyn’s intent is to be able to share her vast knowledge of all things yoga, Vedanta, and Ayurveda in meaningful ways to a Western audience. Helping individuals connect to their divine nature and to live their truth is at the heart of the practice that she shares. Marilyn teaches traditional Sivananda-style hatha yoga classes that have a deep, meditative approach and focus on the breath. She believes yoga should be accessible to all body types and ages. During the school year, Marilyn teaches fourth grade, in Spanish, at a dual-language immersion elementary school in Corvallis. Her favorite part of the day is teaching mindfulness meditation to 9 & 10 year-olds.

Rose Kress

Rose Kress, ERYT-500, CIAYT, YACEP, Owner & Director of LifeForce Yoga, began practicing yoga in 1994 and has been teaching since 2004. She began studying with Amy Weintraub in 2002 as a means of finding ease from anxiety. After becoming certified to teach yoga, Rose began assisting Amy at workshops and the LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Training nationally and internationally. In 2016, she purchased LifeForce Yoga from Amy. Throughout her teaching career, Rose has focused on the therapeutic aspects of yoga, teaching at hospitals, pulmonary centers, a chiropractor’s office. In 2017, she developed a yoga therapy protocol for veterans and active duty soldiers receiving treatment for substance abuse and PTSD at a VA Health Care Center in Tucson, AZ.

Rose is now the owner and director of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute. She is the creator of the Best Practices Series, a number of CDs/mp3s, including Mantra Chanting with Rose, Yoga Nidra for Light & Clarity, & True Heart Yoga Nidra, and several LifeForce Yoga videos including LifeForce Yoga Practice for Light & Clarity, and LifeForce Yoga for an Open Heart. Rose also created the Essential Self-Care for Balance monthly program to support individuals in reconnecting with their sacred sense of self.

Ever the student, Rose continues her study of yoga with Rama Jyoti Vernon and Maria Mendola.

Charlotte Ridinger
My Name is Charlotte Ridinger, I am a yoga teacher certified RYT 200. I have always had an awareness to holistic wellness and healing. My body benefits from movement and breath through yoga. Having a lot of pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia, yoga has helped me stay focused and true to myself over the years. With yoga my mind and body feel much better.
I started doing yoga in the 80’s when I was pregnant with my first born. I loved triangle and side angle pose at that time. After falling in love with Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board yoga 7 years ago, I knew then I wanted to take my teaching on the mat and on the water! I want to bring SUP yoga to our community and yoga to our children’s children.
I am grateful for everyone who has been with me on this journey and I’m looking forward in bringing kids yoga and SUP yoga to Pacific Yew Yoga!

Aurore Morley

Aurora has been teaching and practicing yoga in the Willamette Valley for sixteen years. She has taught for Linn-Benton Community College & SamFit and currently teaches at the Brownsville Fitness Center. Aurora created the credit yoga program for LBCC and in 2008 was the recipient of LBCC’s ‘Outstanding Instructor of the Year’ Award.

Her fitness background includes a life time of ballet classes in addition to teaching ballet at the Cascade Performing Arts Center in Lebanon and ballet and yoga classes at the Corvallis Academy of Ballet. She also developed and taught water therapy and water yoga classes here locally.

She began practicing yoga when her husband was deployed to Iraq in 2003. In yoga she found solace, relaxation and comfort. Aurora’s classes are the perfect combination of relaxation and challenging, fun flowing movements that will give you the best of both worlds. Her love for the practice becomes apparent to anyone taking her class and is contagious; you’ll always leave her class with that same peaceful, happy feeling.

Aurora is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance with Yoga Fit in 2005 and continues to study regularly with many great yoga teachers. She has a B.A. in French and a B.S. in Public Health from OSU and is currently working towards an M.P.H. in Health Promotion & Health Behavior. Aurore is an ambassador for several different fitness clothing companies including Altar Ego.

Jessica Morrison

Jessica began her yoga journey 10 years ago in Arizona, under the instruction of Maria Magonigal. Grateful for the strong foundation of Hatha yoga, she continued deepening her practice throughout many travels and work as a school teacher. During her Peace Corps service in West Africa, she began teaching fellow volunteers yoga as a way of providing them an accessible and healthy way to care for themselves during their service. After 4 years of “heart” work teaching in public schools, she began the long-awaited path to serve as a yoga instructor. The majority of her practice has involved traditional Hatha and Vinyasa styles of yoga. She has attended workshops in Kundalini and Yin yoga and is completing her RYT 200 at Live Well Yoga Studio in Corvallis. Her other “heart” work includes ballet, photography, gardening, and enjoying Oregon’s great outdoors with her husband.

“My intention is to act as a guide- to help the yogi connect and find a deeper awareness of their own subtle body. I strive to teach with a sense of depth, mindfulness, and invite the yogi to find a new part of their inner self with every class.”



Donna Kanan 

Donna Kanan, owner of Coaching You Well, has been on her yoga journey since 2002. In teaching yoga Donna provides a welcoming environment that allows you to find her inner calm, while actively moving the body, building strength and stretching, in order prevent injury and live an active, full life. 

With her 17 years’ experience in the fitness industry Donna has the skills to provide wellness coaching as a certified health and wellness coach with training through Well Coaches, Exercise Physiologist, certified through American College of Sports Medicine, and registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance since 2009 with 200 hours of training through YogaFit.                                               

Donna believes that our well-being is at the heart of our success and happiness and enjoys working with clients to help them achieve positive behavior change in order to live to be their best self. We all deserve to live our wellness vision and her goal is to give others the tools to live theirs.


Robin Kowal

I began my fitness journey when I was 21 and have continued for 50 years. I began to run 2 miles, then 5 miles, then competed in races. During my young life I was introduced to the outdoors, backpacking into the Sierra Nevada mountains and bicycle riding all over Southern California, with my 1st son on the back when he was about 2 years old. When the second son came along then came the camping in the wilds all over America, swimming, hiking, kayaking and water-holing in Oregon.

I was a special education teacher in Texas and in Oregon, retired 5 years ago. I decided retirement was not for me so went back to college and obtained obtained a Fitness Certification as a Fitness Technician. I received my ACE certification as a Certified Personal Trainer and have continued to help people become physically healthier, stronger and more flexible. Recently, I have completed my ACE Senior Fitness Specialist certification. My goal today is to share my passion encouraging people of all ages, especially the baby boomers to begin to move and feel good about themselves and live out their lives moving and grooving without pain.

Isabel Fagoaga

Isabel Fagoaga is a life long lover of movement, dancer, performer, body worker and intuitive therapist. Passionate about facilitating a class that is accessible to everyBODY. THEGROOVE is a very inclusive movement class that has no boundaries in terms of music or dance ability. It’s about inspiring the world to dance! No choreo, no fancy steps, just ridiculously simple moves to make you want to dance music!

Sarah Matson 

Sarah Matson has been teaching and training for 5 years and is a student of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance for 8 years. She has co-lead Tribal Rising Dance in Oregon for the past 5 years and has been dancing in Oregon, California, Washington and New Mexico. Sarah loves to bring an eclectic mix of music to her World Fusion classes and encourages all fitness levels and all people to give World Fusion Belly Dance a try. Her love and joy radiate in all she does.and is a student of Tribal Fusion*

Valeria Pearson

Pacific Yew Yoga is grateful and so blessed to have Valeria on our team. She has brought so much love and strength to the studio through her “New Moon” Women of Yew monthly event. She has a wonderful following through her efforts to bring this amazing meditation for anyone and everyone each month to the studio. Thank You Valeria!

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