FAB Fitness Instructor Robin Kowal

Tuesday 1:30pm & Friday 9:15am 60 min
Why is stretching important in our lives? In recent years medical research has shown that our society has become more sedentary than in the past. Daily activity can promote self confidence, health, less depression, (which can happen as we age).
My class FABS will slowly begin to stretch those muscles that have been there all the time but not used. By stretching peacefully and carefully, allows you to become more flexible and agile, making moving about in daily life easier. With becoming more agile, because our muscles are now stretched, movements requiring balance will become easier.
In my class, you will develop a self-awareness of your body. FAB will help loosen the mind’s control of the body allowing you to get in touch with your body; to know yourself better. Stretching feels good and promotes new circulation to all parts of the body.
Come and join my class to learn how you can move again, by creating a flexible, agile bodies. Through slow movements, you can teach yourself how to balance without the fear of falling. My goal is to promote safe movements which will lead to a healthier feeling of wellbeing.
Come put the pizzaze in your life again and shake it up! The class is good for all ability levels.

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