The Pacific Yew Tree is an evergreen timber tree of the yew family. It is the only commercially important yew native to North America, where it is found from Alaska to California. It is usually grows between 15 to 50 feet tall.

The Yew Tree is considered to be the most potent tree for protection against evil, a means of connecting to your ancestors, a bringer of dreams and other world journeys. Our ancestors revered the Yew Tree above all other trees. It has always been held sacred and understood as a link with death and rebirth. It was used by early man for making weapons, tools of death, and now thousands of years later it is providing a possibility of averting death for cancer patients. The most well-known natural-source cancer drug in the United States, is derived from the bark of the Pacific Yew Tree (Taxus brevifolia) and is used in the treatment of breast, lung, and ovarian cancer, as well as Kaposi’s sarcoma.  One of the most valuable abilities of the Yew Tree is to provide the opportunity for people to turn and face death, to progress beyond fear to a communication with what is beyond our reality, which will bring understanding, clear insight, enriched by a deeper experience of life.

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