Welcome to Pacific Yew Yoga and so much more.

This is a place for you to grow and discover everything you need is within you to be the person you imagine yourself to be "YOU"

Sivananda Easter
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Welcome to Pacific Yew Yoga Studio. I am Wendy Humphreys and I am the owner of this wonderful studio! Our mission at Pacific Yew Yoga is to promote the discovery of ones true self by creating a supportive community of teachers and various class styles. We will create a place for you to strengthen your body, inspire your mind, and grow your soul. We aim to provide classes, workshops, and other events geared to supporting people of all backgrounds and all endeavors. 

You will get stronger, you will lose weight, you will discover what is missing in your life and that it already exists within you. You must do the work to truly acknowledge and introduce the world to the real you.